Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking’s full name is Stephen William Hawking. As you know, he is one of the brilliant personalities in the scientific world. We don’t have to access our supernatural powers to remember his wonderful and amazing work in cosmology and exploring space. Therefore, he is known as an author. He published his first book THE BRIEF HISTORY TIME. It was the best seller book in the time period of five years successfully.

He was the first person to set the prediction on BLACK HOLES. Which is the most trendy topic nowadays? He was a member of the Royal Society and Pontifical Academy Of Science. He was diagnosed with a sort kind of muscle contracted disease such as MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE.

The person who suffers from this disease has only 2 years to live. Stephen Hawking suffered this disease over 50 years. He was the inspiration for all of us. His determination and never give up attitude inspire the people. How we should never give up on our goals. He loses his vocal speech but he never gives up, to communicate he used speech generating devices. In the initial stage, he used to talk with his hand muscles with the help of a speech generating device. Stephen uses only his cheek muscle to communicate with the help of a machine. He also worked in the discovery of ‘BLACK HOLES.’

Stephen discovered ‘HAWKING RADIATIONS‘. Hawking radiation is the radiation that emits from black holes. But you are curious about the concept of black holes. personally, I’m fond of this amazing topic. Black hole generated from a star. Basically , when the lifetime of a star is at the end of the event horizon.


He was born on 8 January 1942 at Oxford, England. His father’s name is Frank Hawking and his mother’s name is Isobel Hawking. Stephen started his schooling at the Thr Byron house School at Highgate in London. Stephen was not a good student in early schooling. Hawking was a very creative person at an early age. He developed a computer from the clock part and his mathematician teacher Dikran Tahta helped him. He got this achievement at the age of 16.

Hawking was not good initially in academics but he showed interest in scientific facts in the future. Stephen decided to study mathematics inspired by his mathematician teacher but his father wanted him to study medicine. He chose to study physics and chemistry at Oxward University for an undergraduate.

During his first 18 months, he was bored because he thought that the study was to easy for him. He did not enjoy his work. He explored himself in other fields such as classical music and science fiction. Later he decided to discover about theoretical physics. he passed his undergraduate with B.A honors physics degree. He graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 1962. he explored cosmology in the graduation period.

Stephen Hawking Quotes



He is one of the most intelligent men. People have ever seen it. His IQ(Intelligent Quotient) was compared by Einstein i.e 160 which is highest among scientists. But his belief said that”A person’s intelligence cannot compare to their IQ“.

IQ is not a fixed parameter to judge a person’s intelligence. e won the Albert Einstein Prize, the Copley Medal, the Wolf Prize, the physics prize and lots of more. He may not be the topmost scientist in the physics world but he was fabulous in cosmology.

Some important books of Stephen Hawking is given below:

  • A Brief History of times
  • Brief Answer to the big question
  • My Brief History
  • The Grand Design
  • Black Holes and Baby Universe and other essays
  • The Universe in the nutshell
  • God created the integers
  • On the shoulders of giants
  • Georges Secret key to the universe
  • George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt

Stephen Hawking Death

He was one of the popular people in the science world who died at the age of 76. Actually, He suffered from a muscle contracted disease such as MOTOR NEURON DISEASE. In this disease, the muscle of the body contracted with increasing the time day by day. Doctor analysis of this in which a person can live only 2 years. Stephen suffered this disease over half a century. During his journey when his time would come he was searching for some brief answer to the big question. This book is published after his death. Stephen Hawking’s funeral took place on 31 March 2018 at 2 pm, at Great St, Mary Church.

Stephen Hawking Born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo and died at the 139th anniversary of Einstein. A Greek composer created music on the homage of Stephen Hawking. This music delivered in the space by the European Space Agency satellite dish. His most famed equation that is the Bekenstein Hawking entropy equation has inscribed in the memory of Stephen Hawking.

Most of the researches of Stephen Hawking was published after his death. Some of the following above:

  • Leaving earth or How to colonize a Planet(April 2018).
  • Origin of the Universe(May 2018)
  • Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair(October 2018)
  • Brief Answer to big Question(October 2018)


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