What is Love ?

Love is Strange But Everything

What does it mean? Well, Explaining and Understanding πŸ’• is very hard, especially to the teens for whom love is the only thing which means hormone satisfaction. But, that’s not the exact and this can’t be.

Questions in Mind ???

Chatting for 6 hours a day is πŸ’• ?

Holding someone’s hand is πŸ’• ?

Hugging means πŸ’• ?

Holding then tighter is πŸ’• ?

Kissing somebody is πŸ’• ?

Or having Hormonal satisfaction with someone is love?

The answers for all these questions for me NO and for some people it is MAYBE, but I’m sure they’re on one who is reading this and saying YES.

The next question arises in the mind is, What is love then?

When physical attraction and all these hormonal satisfaction is not loved!!!!

So when all these type of physical attraction fails in love then there comes something new into existence which is called no satisfaction of mind and heart β™₯. Means? The simple mean is that when you want to do something out of the scope for making them comfortable and happy again and again without any expectations, without any selfishness, beyond the physical relationship, beyond everything, the feeling of doing anything for making them smile ☺ is called LOVE, waiting 6 hours a day for 10 min chats and meets is special 😍.

Many of you are supporting my views but many believe that I’m saying wrong which means love is not like this. This is something other than this So I’m having an idea for the first love someone more than your needs, first love someone without any expectation you will surely get the answer of your self-question.

For those who wanted to read the story of the same feelings and Love. I’m having a very great stuff related to this love.

Love is not bad at all what makes it worst is your useless expectation either physical or emotional.

Now I’m asking the same question again.

What is love?

Now I’m pretty sure that no one going to say that love is all about physical relationship.

Now I’m also sure that some of you have a doubt that who I’m? A psychologist, A Love expert, A good story writer. But, the reality is I’m the victim of this pure love 😍

Now, some of you have one more question that what we needed for having this type of pure love?

So, guys, I’m sorry about that I’m still unknown to this, it is also a fact that I also don’t know how I’m in love and how I get the most beautiful soul as my heartbeatβ™₯️.

But, I can tell you a few things to keep in mind for better relationships.

Some Point For Better Love Relationships


Trust in Relationship Way to Make Love Better

Firstly, Trust them always, no need to believe only. This is very strange that I’m saying to trust them always beside having believe in them. This is quite simple that first, you have to know the exact meaning of Believe and Trust. Yes, the meaning of Believe and Trust are the different things. But how? Believe is accepting something without any proof. But Trust is accepting the person whole without any hesitation and doubts Trust them. Believe can be given but Trust is precious and earned πŸ˜‡.

No Interference in Partner Life

Not interference in Relationships
Way to Make it Better

Secondly, Never interfere between your partner and their life. Never let them change themselves for you and your relationships. But why? Whom you love in the relationship. Present one or the other upcoming partner having changes in their life. I have seen many relationships where the partner asks for the changes but after those changes love between them disappears. Even, you are facing some problems now but surely you will get the best form of your relationship soon.


Patience in Relationships Way to Make Love Better

Next one, Have Patience this is one of the most important things in a relationship. Have patience in every aspect of life do not fasten up the things. Let everything happen mutually. Because you’re not alone in this relationship there is another guy who loves you the same.

Remove Alone Decisions

No Alone Decision Way to Make it better

Another thing, Do not make important decisions alone. This is because it’s not only you. It’s all about you both even decisions of once life can have an impact on another one’s life. Always decide together.

Save them From Your BAD Side

Save them from Yourself Way to Make Love Better

Another, I’m sure we can save our partner from all over the world. But you have to save them from yours too. Never let them your dark side overcoming you. Never let them feel that he/she is unsafe with you even you can protect them from all over the world but you have to protect them from yourself too. Physical or Mentally both.

Always Have a Proper Execution Plan

Plan before Execution Way to Make Love Better

Also, if you’re preparing something for them then please do not execute that without a complete plan. It can shock them and which can break your heart because you’re doing all that for making them happy but they are not happy but for what they are not happy is only because your execution plan which is slightly different and shock them. Always plan before execution of surprises

Permit their Friend Groups

Friends in RElationship Way to Make Love Better

Always care for their smiles. This is the most wonderful thing in the world when you see your partner smiling and enjoying their life. Do not jealous of his/her friends that he/she is happier with them than with you. It is common in some relationships where we feel that they are much happier with friends than with you. So no need to jealous. How much time passes in the relationship? 3 months, 6 months or maybe 1 year from your side. But how much time passes since they are having those friends 5 years, maybe 7 or 8 also. This is enough to make you understand why they are much happier with friends than you.

Always do things in your comfort zone. This is important or can say very important. This is not true that you believe that when you kiss in crowd your love increases or any other these kinds of stuff what is common today is watching porn can increase your feeling πŸ˜… that’s not like that it never can increase your love but no doubt it may increase your couple moments. But this is completely wrong. Why are you hybridizing your relationship by fasten up things let them happen with love not love happen with these moments.

Support them in Every Aspect

Support them Way to Way to Make Love Better

Always support them when there is no one on their side. It’s your duty, your responsibility to support them when no one supports them. They wanted a hand to hold and can stand with comfort and that’s hand is only yours. So always extend your hand to hold their hand. Which is the most proud moment in both of your life.

Share Happy moments together

Share Life happy moments Way to Make Better

Share your life’s happy moments with them and hide your problems from them. This is because this can make feel low and their smiles can fade. And that’s what we don’t want to happen in life. Until something very serious happens. There is also one thing to keep in mind always with them when they are in any problem. Even when you can’t do anything in that problem but always remains with them. Don’t share your problem with them but always ask them for their problems. This is 😍 many belief

Most Important For Love

One more thing that is completely strange but true never give priority to physical relationship than πŸ’• . When it’s special then all things will happen to have patience but when you pressure them to make that relationship is not loving and it can’t be love which is much more pure than all the things. We all know that physical relationship can also can possible without love, as we in a period where sex is like business and one of the most growing too. So sex can happen without love, I’m saying this because we are having few things like our physical thinking, emotional thinking and mental thinking and for very sure these can’t be the same at a particular instant. Anyone of these thinking can overcome you. And can force you to make some decisions which may be inappropriate but not wrong completely.

All these moments happens in heat of moment, and heat of moments can also come with the completely unknown person for whom you’re physically attracted. But it doesn’t mean that your care disappeared no and can’t. You’re always going to be their πŸ’• . But it is all about mental and emotional feel but what about physical it is not completely true that they are physically attracted to you too. But it’s also don’t mean that they do not care you. It can hurt you and even can break you completely from inside but you have to accept that πŸ’• and physical relationship all are different. All the best for your future πŸ˜‡.


Comment below what you feel about what is πŸ’• ? If you’re having something other stuff to add and you want answers to your questions related to your relationship. Alagquotes will try to answer your all questions.

Share with your friends and family for whom you wanted to understand the true means β™₯️.

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