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Today, I’ll discuss some amazing facts about this book name as Review of Mindset. I had already read this book. you will surely love this book review and learn the power of thinking.

Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential“. Mindset starts with this beautiful quote. This quote has a very deep meaning. Although, this book change thousands of human mind thinking. It is a creation of DR CAROL S. DWECK. She is an amazing author as well as a professor of Psychology at Standard University. She is popular for her work on the mindset of people.


In this book, the author describes the scientific process of human minds. How humans thinking patterns work.

This book starts with the meaning of mindset :

She observed a different kind of people mindset which is classified as GROWING MINDSET and FIXED MINDSET. The author describes these two factors by taking many references in this book. You will surely see a lot of example in this book by which author differentiate these two.

I’ll explain as the author takes an example of events.

Growing Mindset


GROWING MINDSET is the state of mind thinking in which people are trying to learn new things irrespective of thinking that they can’t able to do that. They don’t focus on the results. They focus on the growing and development of mind by giving and learning new things.

As the author takes one of the references as IQ(Intelligent Quotient) :

she explains that IQ is not fixed in human and we can’t judge people by their IQ. They will succeed in life or not. All the brain neurological pattern of a person is not one day pattern. It is developed in many and many years and grows until a person died. Although, some person’s thinking is not in their growing state.

she added some phrases regarding a growth mindset. some of following given below:

Hardword beats talent when talent fails to hard work

This quote describes the beautiful aspect of thinking that we must do hard work in every situation of life. Talent came by birth but it can’t be defeated by doing an average person’s hard work

Skills and achievement come through commitment and efforts

This phrase covers the major part of this book. some people think that skill is already developed by birth in humans. In this book, this shows in FIXED MINDSET. But to succeed in life, we must try and make commitments to our goals of enhancing our skills and master in our goals and interest.

Fixed Mindset:


FIXED MINDSET is the state of mind in which human thinking is limited. They can’t think beyond the imagination. They think that a person having a high IQ will only succeed in life. It is the urgency to prove yourself in front of people

As the author taking references in this book name Review of Mindset, one of the event is here:

When she was a child, she wanted to be smart but her teacher believes that IQ is the only parameter by which we can differentiate between successful person and failure. This is one of the aspects of FIXED MINDSET.

This thought breaks the exponential growth in mind. this thought work as a barrier in the growth of a person’s lives to be successful. As we discussed earlier, human birth with different temperaments, skills, capacity. but another person with less skill, capacity, temperaments cope up with a growth mindset. they can do it by showing continue efforts, patterns, goals, planning.


I would love to add some more phrases by which you can clearly.

Differentiate between (FIXED and GROWING ) MINDSETS :

The passion for streching yourself and sticking to it, even when it’s not going well, is the hallmark if growing mindset. while fixed mind give up too early

In this phrase, clearly, the author talked about the person when he/she in depression but he/she stick to their goals and commitments. This is a very deep and concern topic about thinking. most people give up too early by measuring the results of achieving their goals.

People of having growing mindsets will take risk in life to achieve something big in life. while people of fixed mindsets will not take risk because they are afraid of loosing in this game.

This phrase clearly shows a big difference between these mindsets. Fixed Mindset people will never take a risk because their goals are not to grow, they only want short term wins. which is the reason behind a barrier in taking new risks and learning new things because they were not sure if they will do it or not.

After reading this, think who you are the person inside? tell me in the comment box as well.

Other topics covered in the book:

growing-brain mindset

The author highly talked about mindsets in this book, which I have already discussed. Other topics are related to How people choose their life mindset and talking about their success.

She talked about how mindsets work in every aspect of life. Some examples are Relationship, Business, Sports, or person in Teachers, colleagues, etc.

She also talked about how a fixed mindset changes into a growth mindset. By this change, she observes changing in exponential growth in a person’s life.

I want that all people will learn by this book and retrospect in yourself. This book change33 my life and I think it will change many lives out there. Highly recommending this book to everyone to check out What you guys think about this book.

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    1. Well, it can be both Growing or Fixed at different aspects like if you stop a child from doing something they want and they start crying then here this cry signify their growing mindset. and if you punish them and they start crying this signifies their fixed mindset indirectly for which you’re responsible.

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