Forgotten!! Relationship Rules

Relationship Rules That are often Forgotten

We all know that communication is the key to relationships. And lack of communication is the most common problem that leads to the end of relationships. Doesn’t matter how many times you hit this blog yours feedback is most important to us. In this post, we have discussed 5 Best Relationships Rules that are forgotten. As I already try to make you understand the meaning of love in my previous post “Love is Everything“. I’m going to discuss those points which we generally forgotten in relationships. Discussing all the things is not possible but I’ll try my best to do the same. These points are not all about relationships you can also apply them in Friendships. And these can surely transform your relationship and friendship as well.

There is so much advice in the market saying that they can transform. We see in songs, movies from our family members. I don’t know whether they work for you or not But I’m sure that Holidays or movies you go, doesn’t matter if you never work based on your relationships, values, trust and most importantly on your communications. I wanted from all my heart that all should be happy in their relationships. So I collect some of the basic and most important things in a relationship. During the writing of this, I’m talking to myself, for finding out the most accurate best way to transform your relationships by following Simple Relationship Rules.

Relationship Rules That are often Forgotten by Jay Shetty

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As I already told that communication important in relationships and lack of this can destroy your relationships. Now the factor affecting your communication in a relationship is time. And when you admit your mistakes and things you have done wrong and your partner was right and you’re wrong then our ego, our arrogance, our pride get into the way and stops us admitting that we are wrong and they are right. All it needs is courage, And when you do this it TRUST in your relationship increases. And when you say without hesitation and you accept your mistake it proves that you’re real. This may prove as the self-motivated and proactive effort in any relationship. And having the ability to accept your mistake is the most powerful tool in a relationship.

Similarly admit that they are right and allow them to do the same with you when you’re right. What we actually do that when We are Right we Fight when we are wrong we are Quiet. And this creates a defense environment in the relationship. This Relationship Rules means a lot for happy Relationships

The simple mathematics of relationship is ” Winning Together ” as If you win and they lose then You both lose and if you lose and they win you both lose and if you lose and they lose you both lose the only winning in the relationship is when you both win together. Yes, This looks like The Logical AND where You can only win When you both Wins (Output of logical AND is 1 When both Inputs are 1).


Second One, Accept Each Others Hobbies is very hard to accept and very difficult to accept. As we always see life as binary having only one out of two outcomes, YES or NO, BLACK and WHITE, but actually there are many more things in the middle of all this. and many times you have to accept both at a time. As I say relationship need accepting each other’s hobbies. Similar relationship need sharing each other’s hobbies and solo approaches. This really impacts your relationships, when you share hobbies with each other along with your solo approaches. You can travel independently and can have different work plans for the future. you can live in a different place even in the same region.

Look when you meet someone for the first you find them completely same interests, holidays and food. but we grow older and our maturity level increases then we find that the same person does not remain the same as he/she is the past. but this is our biggest mistake if we expecting that the person will remain the same all the time. life needs evolution and we have to accept that and changes are good when they are done with pure mind and heart.

Relationship means sharing hobbies and along with solo approaches. these solo approaches increase the value of the relationship and sharing hobbies strengthen your bond. Sharing Hobbies never means that you have to love, what your partners love and same your partner, to loves the things you love. What we except that our partner should love what you love but that’s wrong. Let give space, time to your partner to be themselves and you to be yourself. Along with giving time to your shared hobbies where your relationship becomes alive.

Sharing Hobbies in a relationship means you have to give time to your shared hobbies but also have to give time and space to your solo hobbies. Yes, it is like The Logical OR where we get output 1 when anyone Input is 1(Solo Hobbies) or both the Input are 1(Shared Hobbies).


Meeting or Dating each other in a relationship is much more important than anything else in a relationship. as we discussed that our partner can have different works and different hobbies but we have to give some time to each other where we feel secure, safe and happy. Meeting them for a Day in a week is sufficient to give breaths to your relationship. Spending time with each other allows us to know more about us every time we meet. And knowing each other is much more important for strengthening the relationship.


Understanding what your partner really means to say, is also very important in a relationship. Always try to confirm what you understand and what they say both are same or not. Sometimes, this may lead to no misunderstandings in a relationship and what we actually wanted. Having misunderstanding free relationship increase the purity of your relationship. And because we expect that our partner must understand us and get the actual meaning of words that we have said to them.


Giving attention to your partner when they need is another powerful tool. Let assume that you’re doing something important and partner needs your attention then allow them to express themselves what they really want to say. And if there is some emergency then you must give them some time but if they asking time for just chilling then you can say that let us talk after some time let me finish this work. Doing this can really help your relationship transformation. Assume yourself on their position and think what will you feel when they have done the same with you. A 10 minutes break is enough to communicate and express the feelings of your partner. And if they utilize more time you can say let discuss this again after some time. But if they emotionally need you but you weren’t there so this can destroy them completely.

These are some of the important Relationship Rules that are often forgotten in the relationships but these Relationship Rules are much important to follow in a healthy relationship.

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