This blog is for most awaited MARVEL fans. As we know, this is one of the amazing characters from Marvel comics. This is unique from his short comic timing and his humour dialogues in series.


This character came from Marvel Comic. It is created by Fabian Nicieza. This character comes to Hollywood in 2016. Deadpool film was created in 2006 but at that time, the main actor Ryan Reynolds is in X-men series.

Story of Deadpool

This character in Marvel Comic starts with the boy Wade Wilson. In this movie. Wade suffered from terminal cancer. Because of his condition, private organizations invite him to cure his cancer. He was desperate to cure his disease so he trusts them. They fooled Wilson. The main motive of this company is to searching for special types of people and made them an experiment. As the result, Wade was just an experiment for them.

After a no of applying experiment on him. They put Wilson in an oxygen chamber and decrease the oxygen level to active his mutations. The experiment was successful but with pros and cons.Therefore, Positive things are accelerating healing ability means a person who can recover any type of injury. A person who is immortal.

But with burning skin and uglier face. Due to his He is rapper, singer, actor, he was willing to find evil scientist Francis. Because he wants to find his cure of side effect and the solution of his damage is of scientists hands. Later he found Ajax, he asked Ajax to tell him the solution but he denied. There was no cure for his ugly face. He was very disappointed by his condition. Later he confronted his girlfriend Vanessa.


Deadpool cast (Some Characters)

1) Ryan Reynolds

He is the main character of this series. Who plays the role of Deadpool. Previously he was in X-men series.

He won 17 awards in his life for his acting. He is one man army means having multiple qualities in a single person.


2) Morena Baccarin

She portrays the role of Deadpool’s girlfriend(Vanessa) in this movie. Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin have seen together as a very romantic and cosy couple.


3)Ed Skrein

He portrays the role of a deadly negative role as a monster(Ajax) along with Ryan Renolds.

He is a rapper, singer, actor. Skreinalso acts in Games of Thrones. He won several nominating awards.


Review of Deadpool

This movie earns worldwide $783. This was all rated highest-grossing movie in 2016.

This movie is full of entertainment, romantic scene, action, comedy. A full package to enjoy at home. At last, I can say old is gold.

Please tell me your review about this movie in comment box.

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