Today’s people are curious about the unknown entity at which the research is going on. It is the region of massive space in which even the light can not escape by its gravitational force.


Event Horizon:

It is the parameter at which the event occurs outside does not affect it in space. therefore, it is known as the event horizon. In other words, the boundary at which the light can not escape totally because of the massive gravitational force.


Blackhole was a very curious topic in the scientific world, in the 1700s also. from that period we are only able to capture the sight of it from Horizon Telescope which was continuously observing the region since 2017. We got a clear image of an undefined region on April 10, 2019. We cover a long journey to discover the unnamed entity in space i.e Black Hole.

Scientists behind the discovery of the Black Hole:

Jhon Michel (1784)

Jhon assumed that the unknown body as theΒ same density as Sun. He also assumed that the mass of it is 500 times greater than Sun. Michel assumed that the non-radiating thing was made up because it exceeds the escape velocity of theΒ sun.


Karl Schwarzschild (1915)

He contributes his knowledge by making a parameter called the Schwarzschild Radius. It defines the radius of Event Horizon. It defines the basic parameter of the region of it. He defines his radius after Einstein develops the general relativity in 1915. Einstein develops Einstein’s field equation. He satisfied his equation. Therefore, in this way, he contributes his knowledge in the discovery of a black region.


Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar(1931)

He defines a limit to the black hole mass. He defines that black hole have definite mass such as 1.4 mass of Sun. It is known as the Chandrasekhar limit. Future researched shows that the limit is approximately correct in a white draft. White draft change into neutron star after some time. When two or more neutron stars emerged that the birth of a black hole happened. Further research showed that his limit was not accurate. The new limit was set i.e. Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit. It shows the approx mass of black hole i.e. 2.17 mass of the Sun.


David Finkelstein(1958) discovered the Event Horizon. After the Schwarzschild Radius, he discovers

the boundary which defines the region of it.

David Finkelstein(1958)


James Bardeen & Jacob Bekenstein(1970) In 1970, both scientists discovered Black Hole Thermodynamics. As we all know, thermodynamics is related to energy, entropy, heat, etc. James discovers the relation between these terms. Bardeen relates a black hole to it and calculated some formula regarding it. After a long period, a student named this discovery Black Hole in 1974.

How does Black Hole Develop?

As we all know, the universe consists of millions of stars and one of the stars is Sun. Blackhole became from the star. A star contract by the time span as it becomes a neutron star. After this stage, there is a parameter at which the event horizon became and this is the initial stage of becoming a massive region. As the supermassive star contracted and it becomes a singularity. it is is not black in color. It is a hollow space in which any particle, force, light can not escape it. It looks like black in color because of the boundary developed by light.


If a person comes near a black hole, he will tear apart from his body. The lower part of the body stretched under the influence of denser gravitational force. And it will tear apart from the lower part of the body. It is known as Spaghettification.

The black hole is made by emerging two smallest stars i.e. neutron star. When two or more neutron stars emerging then it converting into the black draft. In its region, the term defined as Singularity.


It is the point at which the space-time curve became infinity. It has zero mass. As we predict that at this point, all the mass of the region is collected at a single point. At this point, the Spaghettification process occurs. The density is also infinity at this point.

This is a very amazing and curious mystery of the universe.

The universe is full of mysteries that we are discovering new things day by day.

Is black hole the way to go in another dimension in-universe?

Please tell me your reviews about this topic.

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