This blog is for most awaited MARVEL fans. As we know, this is one of the amazing characters from Marvel comics. This is unique from his short comic timing and his humour dialogues in series. This character came from Marvel Comic. It is created by Fabian Nicieza. This character comes to Hollywood in 2016. Deadpool […]



Today’s people are curious about the unknown entity at which the research is going on. It is the region of massive space in which even the light can not escape by its gravitational force. Event Horizon: It is the parameter at which the event occurs outside does not affect it in space. therefore, it is […]

Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking’s full name is Stephen William Hawking. As you know, he is one of the brilliant personalities in the scientific world. We don’t have to access our supernatural powers to remember his wonderful and amazing work in cosmology and exploring space. Therefore, he is known as an author. He published his first book THE […]